HRD Awards2015国际钻石首饰设计大赛提名作品出炉了

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经过评审团的层层筛选,最终选出39个作品进入HRD Awards2015国际钻石首饰设计大赛决赛的提名。谁会是这次设计大赛的最终赢家呢?

a home-packed meal for cherry blossom viewings 

By Tomoko Kodera

a piece of africa

By Graham Baloni

à table! 

By Evi Bakker

a taste of life

By Annelies Weinberger

Ande Ka Funda

By Rachana Kumari


By Bharath Vyas Vernekar


By Celine Roelens


By Maíra Rebelo

Cake And Life

By Chasel Zheng

dim sum

By Jie Zhao

Dragon Boat Festival flavor(eggs)

Rongrong Yan

Eve's weapon Necklace

By Britta Schwalm


By Lovia Leung

Feed with love

 By Fei Zhu

forest floor

By Morgan Sloane

Grandma's bamboo shoots

By Chen Jay

Happiness of the cotton candy

By Hua Zheng

Home cooking

By Mingshen Yang

Made in Brazil

By Paulo Armando Ferrara de Carvalho Barbosa

Master chef 

By Ying Zhang

Mussel Delight

By Gokturk Melis

My granny’s best recipes

By Mallory Allegaert

napkin folding ideas

 By Vera Starzynski

Red Charm 

By Yutong Wu


By Shu Liang

Rice husks 

By Tomoko Kodera

Spice gold. Carnation. Ring. Aromatnik.

 By Varyuhina Diana

Suck the diamonds 

By Fei Zhu

Tajine terre cuite

By Ihsan Jadron

Taste memory 

By Freeman Johnson

Tea for Two

By Prerna Patel

Tea Time 

By Sancha Livia Resende

The flavour of the bottle

By Chen Shangyi

The Last rice 

By 袁春然

The serve-ring. 

By Shim Eun Ji

The story of one disbalance

By Elena Gorbunova

Tropea Symphony bracelet and ring

By Gianluca Gabbani